Micocon was formed to address the need for excellence in Post Merger Integration (PMI). A lot of value can be left on the table in acquisitions. PMI can also draw management attention away from other important tasks and from growing sales. Most companies embark on a PMI project every 5 years and do not have the possibility to build-up competence and resources in-house.

Our philosophy is to use the client’s own resources as much as possible. One or two senior advisors from Micocon will act as guide and facilitator to the management team. Our advisor will support the internal project manager in the planning and execution of the Post Merger Integration project. We expect to leave this role after the first 100-days of the project.

Our senior advisors have extensive experience in Post Merger Integration projects; acquisitions, divestments and joint ventures. Every M&A project is unique in terms of rationale, ambition and people. However, there are best practices that can be re-used which will increase the probability of meeting targets and ensure success. We are continuously developing our knowledge, methods, tools, and processes.

Our vision is to be the best team of Post Merger Integration specialists in the Nordic countries.

Our mission is to turn your acquisition business case into reality and to find additional value.

Michael Holm

Michael Holm

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