Global PMI Partners is the only independent international network that focuses exclusively on delivering pre- and post-merger integration, separation and transformation services. With member firms across Europe, the Middle East and North America the network has a rapidly growing presence to support our global clients. The Global PMIP network is well known for its seasoned and highly experienced merger integration advisors that combine deep industry knowledge with highly specialized insights into effectively managing M&A integration projects.  A partner has in average; 27 years of professional experience, 14 years in consulting, 11 years working with PMI and delivered 23 PMI projects. For more information, see

Team members Global PMI Partners: 

Christophe B. Van Gampelaere,Integrator International Belgium

Jean-Michel Hermange, Integrator International Belgium

Marcel Zandstra, Integrator International Belgium

Els Vanthuyne, Integrator International Belgium

Gilles Ourvoie, PMI Factory France

Philippe Joie, PMI Factory France

Andrew Scola, GPMIP UK

Yagev Ben Itzhak, SG – Sustainable Growth, Israel

Eitan Grosbar, SG – Sustainable Growth, Israel

Ron Ashkenas, SG – Sustainable Growth, Israel

Haim Benyamini, SG – Sustainable Growth, Israel

Avi Shaul, SG – Sustainable Growth, Israel

Erez Rosen, SG – Sustainable Growth, Israel

Sigal Eyal, SG – Sustainable Growth, Israel

Danny Korman, SG – Sustainable Growth, Israel

Thomas Kessler, Integration Succes, Germany

John Stellman, Stellar Alliance, USA

Philip Cunningham, Stellar Alliance, USA

Sanjeev Varma, Stellar Alliance, USA

Daron Gifford, Stellar Alliance, USA

Dario Verduga, Stellar Alliance, USA

Richard Chow-Wah, Stellar Alliance, USA

Scott Whitaker, Whitaker & Company, USA

Deborah A. Parker, Whitaker & Company, USA

Jen Zelinski, Whitaker & Company, USA

Steve Coote, VSC Growth, Australia

Jenny Maree, VSC Growth, Australia

Stefan Hofmeyer, Modalminds, USA

Adam Signaigo, Modalminds, USA

Jonathan Bunce, Modalminds, USA

LouAnn Conner, Modalminds, USA

Najib Hashem, Dubai

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