McKinsey on the boards role in M&A and PMI
Easy to follow thinking on how boards attention to M&A can increase value creation and ensure quality in PMI

McKinsey Quarterly
CFO's and other C-level executives have different views on their readiness for M&A and where the opportunities are

Bain & Company
Focus on customer facing activities and functions in Post Merger Integration are important to get the full value of the acquisition. Here are Bain's recent thoughts:

Interesting comments from finance M&A professionals of leading Silicon Valley technology companies on how they do ensure successful M&A.

Latest statistics on Tech M&A in the US from PwC.

McKinsey Quarterly
Some insights into forming and managing the management team when merging.

Interesting findings from Post Merger Integration database research defining risks, killing myths and outlining nine PMI success factors.

McKinsey Quarterly
Good thinking on spin-offs where it is key to focus on where a unit can produce the most value and growth, inside or outside your company.

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