Inbjuder härmed till ett kostnadsfritt seminarie kl 15:30, November 10 med temat “M&A – Hur lyckas med människor och digitalisering?” Problemställningen är mycket aktuell och panel diskussionen kommer att bli intressant.   Se bifogad inbjudan för mer information.

Invitation to a free seminar at 15:30, November 10 with theme M&A – How to succeed with people and digitalization? The question is currently very much debated and the panel is ready for a lively discussion. See attached invite for more information.

Seminarie inbjudan Nov 10, 2015


Global PMI Partners Leading the Integration of Jack Link’s Newly Acquired Unilever Division

Leading a great project for a great client with a team from Global PMI Partners


Valuable insights on assimilating company cultures was presented by Michael Holm, Partner, Global PMI Partners, at Merger Market event Nordic M&A and Private Equity forum on March 19th. The presentation was well received by some 60 attendees. It is available for download and can be found on:
Assimilating corporate cultures


We at Global PMI Partners,, recently added up our experience and a partner has in average; 27 years of professional experience, 14 years in consulting, 11 years working with PMI and delivered 23 PMI projects.


Dinner with Global PMI Partners, Thursday October 11.

The evening’s topics for discussions around the dinner table will be ”Can integration activities pre-signing (pre-deal) accelerate your value creating initiatives and shorten the pay-back period on the deal? What considerations are there?”

Partners from Global PMI Partners will participate in the dinner and will contribute to the discussion on the topics and other merger integration questions based on their experience.

Global PMI Partners is an international network of consultancies specializing in Post-Merger Integration advisory services. In other words, you have a great team of PMI specialists at the dinner and the opportunity to pick their brains. The event is by invitation only, contact Michael Holm Partner Global PMI Partners for more information, +46-768 67 0777,

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