M&A Integration
Managed the post merger integration project for the acquiring company in a SEK 9.8 billion acquisition with approx. 900 employees based in the UK and the US. This involved setting integration strategy, scope and objectives as well as project management of the execution project during 9 months.

Managed the carve-out project in a SEK 650 million divestment with approx. 630 employees in some 36 countries. This involved carve-out strategy, scope, objectives and project management of the execution and transitional services in a 9 month project.

Joint Venture
Managed the carve-out of approx. 3,000 employees. Co-led the Project Management Office for the integration of carved-out units from parent companies with approx. 3,000 + 5,000 employees, forming a Joint-Venture (JV) with 8,000 employees and pro forma sales of USD 3.6 billion. Participated in the JVs Executive Management Team meetings as an advisor pre-closing and managed integration post-closing including transitional services. Total time on project 18 months.

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