We are offering services in all three phases of an acquisition:


Analysis and evaluation (pre‑signing)

Early involvement pre-signing in the due diligence process en­sures the best possible execution and results in Post Merger Integration.


Planning (pre‑closing)

Planning the PMI pre-closing ensures timely and efficient start of the execution project after closing with the right resources and in line with objectives and synergies.


Project execution (post‑closing)

Clear communication, involvement of the right people and a detailed 100-day programme from day one with activities, deliverables, time schedule and objectives.

M&A process and PMI



Post‑closing Transition

Post‑closing Transformation

  • Integration strategy
  • Due diligence services
  • M&A operational excellence
  • Integration planning
  • Risk assessment
  • PMI project management
  • Carve-out/divestment project management
  • Audits
  • Reviews

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