Project Execution

Post Merger Integration (PMI) Project Management
We provide the process, setup and templates for a Project Management Office (PMO). We prefer that acquiring company and target company assign internal integration project managers and a senior advisor from Micocon guide and facilitate them in their tasks.

  • Manage the people aspect of keeping and motivating the right people
  • Drive and manage the activities in the 100-day programme
  • Hand-over to line organization

Carve-out (Divestment) Project Management
Setup and a part of the Project Management Office (PMO) for the Carve-out/divestment. We prefer that divesting company assign an internal carve-out project manager and a senior advisor from us guide and facilitate the tasks. Carve-outs/Divestments also often involve transitional services provided to acquiring company through a Transitional Service Agreement (TSA) with the buyer. We have methods, processes and tools for administration of these services until the carved-out unit is integrated into the acquiring company.

We can also provided advisory services in the pre-signing phase. “Packaging” of the unit and assets to be sold impacts the cost and complexity of the carve-out project.

Audits and Reviews
We recommend that progress, scope and deliverables are followed up at regular intervals during an integration project. This also facilitate communication on dependencies between sub-projects. We can setup audits, assessments, reviews and lead workshops.

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